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What does the Safe Savings logo really stand for?


A financially experienced individual, professionally trained and committed to serving others in the role of honoring disciplined saving behavior, educating on ways to protect and grow those savings avoiding risk, advocating in the saver's best interest, and guiding the stewarding of savings into legacy wealth.


Represents our commitment to serve honorably, to honor your wishes and preferences, and to honor the discipline and work that legacy represents.


Speaks to our commitment to walk you through any steps of subject matter which you do not yet know, which will allow you to achieve what you do not yet know is possible. We consider it the uncommon education for people wanting uncommon results without having to play the financial world's "game" of risk, hidden fees and taxes.


Represents our commitment to "Protecting & Growing Wealth", which requires protection from external and internal entities seeking to confiscate or reduce your wealth, including: federal and state taxing authorities, "money managers" who charge significant fees, attorneys, even immediate family and relatives, and others, in order that wealth can grow unreduced and uninterupted.


It starts here. Savings are one thing. SAFE SAVINGS are savings Protected to enable Growth and the development of Legacy over time.


Reflects two truths:

-Your money HAS a power that enlarges if it is not interrupted.

-Your money IS power which undergirds you, your family, your lifestyle, your legacy.


Begins the complete phrase "Stewarding Legacy," which speaks to honoring the personal wealth you have grown or inherited. Legacy is created by guiding and controlling how much is used for specific purposes such as passing it on as an inheritance or choosing to gift it to a foundation or charity.


Represents our commitment to shield your assets so they are protected from unpredictability and shielded from sudden loss of your money, allowing you to get unstuck from the idea that growth can only be achieved through risk.

Who Is Best- Served by SAFE SAVINGS OPTIONS?

- Disciplined savers

- Savers averse to stock market losses

- People who want to create income from their savings

- Highly-taxed earners

- Families who want to provide for a special needs child

- Individuals who want access to their money, not limited access

- Individuals who want to honor & preserve an inheritance

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