and our founder, Mr. Frank P. Lehane, speaking about

“Re-Stewarding Your Savings’ Future”.

Hi, my name is Frank Lehane from SAFE SAVINGS OPTIONS where we provide an unexpectedly valuable service to individuals who are committed savers. Our company serves as A Saver’s Wealth Advocate, listening carefully so we understand and see what individuals and families need most to both protect & grow the wealth they’ve saved.

Frank Lehane


We serve by:

Educating Committed Savers,

Protecting & Growing Wealth and

Stewarding Legacy.

You see, often, people place their hard-earned Savings Dollars on a financial track that does not serve them well today, nor will it serve their financial future well. We take the time to show you, as a committed saver, how to “Re-Steward Your Savings Future”.

When we say “Re-Steward,” we mean to “Do Things Differently” in a way that does serve you, in your best interest, both today and well into the future, by which time your savings dollars have been allowed to multiply.

At our company, we honor and respect the word “Stewarding” and we use it in the phrase “Stewarding Legacy”. “Stewarding Legacy” includes honoring the personal wealth you have grown or inherited. Your Legacy is further created by you guiding and controlling how much is used for specific purposes, such as passing it on as an inheritance, or choosing to gift it to a foundation or charity.

Our purpose here is to serve you with information — with education that helps you be discerning about what is in your best interest and what is in your family’s best interest.

After you have finished your Safe Saver’s Questionnaire Consult, remember, it is not that you need to do these things I’ve shared with you, but for you, it is about whether you now know what you did not know so that you now see you can and want to do these things.

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